If you have a piece of equipment that utilizes a pilot, (shown in the photo above) chances are that you will have to deal with the pilot going out at some point. Before electronic ignition controls were around, you would have to light the pilot with a match or lighter. Each lighting sequence is different, and you should follow the manufacturer-supplied instructions for your specific unit.

The pilot used a thermocouple for sensing the flame. When following the lighting sequence, if the pilot lights but goes out after releasing the pilot button, you may have a bad thermocouple. Remove the pilot assembly and note the condition of the thermocouple.

If it is cracked or melted as in the photo shown below, replace the thermocouple. If it is not cracked or melted, you can try to clean it with a wire brush and reinstall it. If it still won’t stay lit, replace the thermocouple.

With the thermocouple removed, don’t forget to clean the pilot itself. An improper or impinged flame will also cause issues with the equipment lighting.

If you have done all the above mentioned and the unit will still not light, you may have a bad gas valve. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to drop us a line with our instant messenger tool or use our virtual diagnostic tool!

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