Kyle Ackerman

Founder of FixMyFurnace

  Fixmyfurnace.com was founded by Kyle Ackerman in 2019. Born in Chicago. Illinois, to a Blue Collar family, they left the big city behind and moved to Ohio. Not growing up with much disposable income, Kyle was raised to fix things on his own. From bicycles, to tractors and everything in between. He understood at an early age, the value of being able to help people by fixing things and the joy it brought. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, Kyle began his own little business at 14 repairing small engines and motorcycles for friends and neighbors. This gave him valuable experience in business and finance.

  After graduation, Kyle entered the construction industry, buying, fixing and selling homes which further advanced his skills and knowledge. However, there was one area that always intrigued him, heating and cooling. So he decided to become educated in HVAC and went back to school to learn the trade and instantly fell in love with it and went to work in the industry for a friend.

  While working on the job, Kyle was able to relive his childhood days of helping friends and neighbors. It was while working in this industry, that Kyle began to notice a trend where he would show up to a call and meet a defeated homeowner showing him a furnace torn half apart and only wanting him to tell them what is wrong and how to fix it. They were paying him $90 to save their pride and much more in parts that they did not need!

   Being a “DIY GUY” himself, Kyle once again recognized the value that his knowledge brings and after watching countless youtube videos, he quickly realized that there was a better way to help millions of “DIY individuals” like himself. So he went back to school yet again to learn computer programming and web design to create the first ever interactive, heating and cooling virtual diagnostic website in the world! This allowed homeowners to speak directly to a certified HVAC technician through live video chat, to not only tell them what’s going on, but show the technicians live! He didn’t stop there, Kyle wanted to combine that with parts distribution and an HVAC business referral option to help homeowners find the best heating and cooling repair companies across the entire united states.

  While working in the field by day as a technician and building the website by night, Fixmyfurnace.com was born and continues to help people across the united states with all their heating and cooling needs. To this day, you can still find Kyle rolling up his sleeves to help people fix their HVAC equipment, small engines, or anything else around the house that you can think of!  

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