Hot water taking too long to reach upstairs bathrooms?

If you find yourself waiting a long period for hot water, it can be quite annoying. 

If you live in a larger home or a home with a 3rd story bathroom, this could be you! So you moved in, noticed the issue, and have been putting up with it for a while but now you find yourself wondering. Is there something that can be done? Or do I need a new water heater? The good news is that there is something that you can do about it! You can install what is called a recirculating system. What this does is circulate the hot water constantly from the water heater to all of the fixtures and back to the tank keeping a constant flow of hot water through the pipes so that when you open up a faucet, you have instant hot water. Circulator pumps can cost you around $150 and a couple of fittings will cost you another $20. The process will take you around an hour to install and is pretty straightforward. This particular kit even includes a timer to save you money because it doesn’t have to run all day long. You can set it to run for specific times of the day where usage is more likely.

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