A lawsuit filed on 2-19-19 in Colorado alleges that IAC Interacive group, who purchased Home Advisor back in 2004 and also owns Angies list, home advisor’s lead business is defective, deceptive and fraudulent. The nature of the case claims that “HomeAdvisor is a corrupt group that twisted a lead generation business into a vehicle for for greed and abuse.”

   The suit further claims that HomeAdvisor does not subject any of it’s home-owner service requests (leads) to any meaningful check, filter or verification of validity opening the door for them to send bogus leads and charging the members fees for each lead anyway. Many of the plaintiffs in this case also claimed that HomeAdvisor would send the (leads) to more than 3 members at a time and when they called the lead, they were already contacted. This was further justified by the hundreds of complaints from Homeowners receiving dozens of calls after submitting a service request.

   According to the suit, members have complained that they have been given wrong or disconnected phone numbers, (leads) that have never heard of HomeAdvisor or never filled out a service request, (leads) for jobs that were already completed months or even years earlier and contact addresses for residences that did not even exist.  The lawsuit research also showed that HomeAdvisor, IAC, and ANGI corporations are all organized and in existence under the laws in the state of Delaware. However, their principal place of business were all located in other states. This is due to flaw in the tax system allowing companies to register in Delaware and take advantage of its tax breaks while not physically conducting any business in the state at all. Delaware currently has no state income tax for corporations that conduct business out of state.

    IAC appears to have clearly allowed greed to take precedence over providing a useful and convenient service to consumers and hard-working contractors. Fortunately, there are other options out there for both, home-owners and contractors alike. I would advise contracting businesses look to those other websites. 

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   The HVAC industry outlook predicts to see an additional 13% increase in the HVAC industry employment rate by 2028. Fixmyfurnace.com hopes to be one of the contributing factors of that. By embracing the recent developments in virtual care and more and more people becoming comfortable with the use of software like zoom to get in touch with professionals without physically seeing the professionals in person. In 2020, 50% of all doctor visits were virtual. That represents over 165 million people in 2020! People quickly realized that it was much more convenient to not have to get dressed, fight traffic while driving to the office, all to sit in a waiting room surrounded by other sick individuals just go into another room and wait yet again to see the doctor. Virtual visits put an end to all of that until or unless it was determined that an in-person visit was necessary


   Then there is the cost. The average cost of having an HVAC company send a technician out to diagnose a heating or cooling appliance is between $100 and $150 to the customer. This usually includes the first 30 minutes after arrival. This is because making a correct diagnosis requires a specialized skill, much as a doctor performs tests and asks questions to gather clues about a patients ailment. Technicians use tools and tests to gather crucial  information to pinpoint where the particular problem exists and this costs an HVAC company money. On average, a company will spend between $30 and $65 to get the technician to the job and diagnose the equipment and that cost is constantly going up as the economy changes. The reality is that an average of 14% of all HVAC calls can be solved without a technician showing up in person. Further, another 27% can be solved with some simple direction (similar to a prescription from a doctor) from a technician to a client with basic tools and know-how. That’s 41% able to be completed without a technician stepping foot in a customers door (based on intel Fixmyfurnace.com’s researchers gained from field technicians and client input reported from 2019 to 2021).

    FixMyFurnace.com has created a revolutionary new way of seeing an HVAC professional. Customers now have the option to schedule a VIRTUAL DIAGNOSTIC with a certified HVAC technician to help answer questions and troubleshoot repairs. Similar to a virtual doctor appointment, you connect with a “HVAC Doctor” otherwise known as an HVAC technician who has the customer answer a series of questions in order to make a diagnosis or schedule an in-person visit when necessary. This will bring a much needed boost to the industry and create jobs for many technicians who can’t physically do the job anymore due to age or a disability. On top of that, Fixmyfurnace.com combines virtual diagnostics with matching quality reviewed, HVAC contractors which clients can trust and know they are backed by Fixmyfurnace.com. By offering virtual diagnostics by certified technicians, Fixmyfurnace.com created a 100% guaranteed lead validity referral service simultaneously and is the only lead generator to do so! Not only that, Fixmyfurnace.com does not currently charge any membership fee to join!


   Customers simply schedule a date and time to meet with their technician via zoom. Inevitably there will be times when a technician will recommend having a physical HVAC company representative out when necessary for sales or repairs. When an in-person visit in needed, the virtual technician collects all the valuable information for the HVAC company and is then able to forward the lead, while insuring it’s validity and creating expanded efficiency for the company. The leads generated from virtual diagnostics are the perfect way to help Smaller companies grow and expand from increased work flow which may otherwise have to go to the company with the most marketing dollars for large ads on every platform. Fixmyfurnace.com levels the playing field by allowing small companies the same chance at leads as the bigger companies. All companies can become a member for free by sending a request to http://www.fixmyfurnace.com and clicking the “LIST MY BUSINESS” button and filling out a contact form. 

   Imagine going to a new customers’ home for the first time already knowing the equipment make, model, serial number, a diagnostic already completed with recommended replacement parts and a copy of the diagnostic video available to view upon request. That is what FixMyFurnace.com has brought to fruition! The future of HVAC has arrived at FixMyFurnace.com. 

   A representative from Fixmyfurnace.com stated, “We know how hard it is to find good service as a home-owner as well as how hard it can be for smaller HVAC companies to break into the market and gain clientele without a hundred grand to spend on marketing per year. We want to help promote honesty and good customer service in the industry and help level the playing field between the big guys and the smaller companies.” 

   I asked the representative, How do you avoid the issue that HomeAdvisor is facing with offering leads to multiple companies? “We tackled that very simply by creating our own revolving algorithm which rotates the companies. Basically, each time a company in a specific service area receives a lead, they are then moved to the back of the line. All companies on the site, must retain a 5 star review in order to continue to receive leads. This way, we know that our customers are receiving the very best hvac companies for their service.” When it comes to anything heating and cooling, it seems Fixmyfurnace.com is the place to go.  

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