How does this zoning system work

Arzel Zoning systems are a fantastic solution to create a more even and efficient flow of heating and cooling within a home. The particular one that will be discussing here, utilizes a small pump (shown in the photo above) in order to deliver air through tubing which is sent to a damper actuator. The supplied airflow is controlled by a 24 volt, multi-directional solenoid (shown above)which opens and closes based on a call for heating or cooling from a connected thermostat. As air is distributed to the damper i9n different directions of flow, it opens or closes the supplied damper and allows heated or cooled air to pass through to the desired area of the home.

Arzel pump

The pump itself is the only part of the Arzel system which makes any noise. If you have had an Arzel air pump zoning system for a while, you are familiar with the sound that it makes. With the door closed to the control box, it sounds similar to a humming sound. So the first thing that I would check is to be sure the door is closed and secured. The box contains a sound dampening foam which helps keep the sound very minimal. The pump contains two electromagnetic coils with a piston (shown in the photos above) on either side and a series of air valves with hose connectors. This pump is designed to run constantly, using air pressure to either keep the damper closed, or keep the damper open. The pump pistons contain a magnetic base, surrounded by a rubber gasket. (shown in the photo above)


Over time, however, just like everything in the world, pumps will age and components will break down. If you begin to notice over time, that your Arzel control seems to be getting louder, you need to shut the power to the Arzel system off and inspect the pump. In the example photo below, you can see how one of the pistons is sagging and no longer centered. This is due to the rubber gasket becoming worn out or broken.

When the piston gasket fails, the piston will begin to wobble and hit the sides of the pump housing. This will result in a very loud and likely irritating noise! The solution here is to replace the pump. Arzel makes this very simple to do. You simply remove the tubing and lift off the old pump and set the new pump in its place. Then reinstall the tubing (being sure to put the same tubes removed, in the same location on the new pump), and splice in the new pumps’ two power wires. The entire replacement process will take you about 10 minutes.

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